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QWQ For Shops

Turn your cash register into a digital ATM, and start earning commissions!

Convert your shop into a bank today!

Why Become a Partner?

Win More with QWQ

Win More

Fewer bank processing costs, more customers, and more revenue: with QWQ, you will earn money with every transaction.

New Customers with QWQ

New Customers

Our customers will find you through our app, and maybe getting cash will turn into a spontaneous shopping spree.

Extra Services with QWQ

Extra Services

With QWQ you offer your customers an additional and more accessible service. As every business owner knows: more is always better.

Secure with QWQ


The QWQ Cash Withdrawal App starts to oversee the secure transfer of the amount distributed to your bank account as soon as your consumer picks up their cash.

Absolutely Free

Absolutely Free

Our service is not only safe and easy, but also free of charge for partner shops.

No Hardware

No Hardware

No additional devices are required for QWQ – your smartphone is enough. And if you work with a POS provider? Then we might be able to integrate QWQ directly into your cash register.

Why Become a Partner With QWQ?

Become a Partner in 4 Easy Steps

How much can you make per location as a QWQ Shop Partner?

Making money is easy while QWQ is with us. Find out how much you can earn.


JOD 105 mthly.

for only 10 transactions per day


JOD 630 mthly.

for about 60 transactions per Day

Approximately how many transactions do you have per day?

Already an Agent?

If you are already an agent, and your shop exist in our network, download our agent app here

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Become a Partner!

Contact us now, and get a quick answer from our team of professionals to take the first step of becoming a partner with us.

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