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QWQ For Banks

Thousands of new ATMs in just a few steps? With the QWQ Cash Withdrawal app, customers can have access to over 2.000 partner shops to easily withdraw money without needing an ATM Machine.

Partner Benefits For Banks

Digital Customer Experience

Digitize Your Customer Experience

We are in a digital age, and more customers want digital solutions everyday. QWQ Cash Withdrawal app offers banks and mobile wallet customers a future-oriented service.

marke penetration

Market Penetration

Expand your existing network of cash withdrawal options and save your customers more time. QWQ Cash Withdrawal offers over 2,000 partner shops in Jordan and a growing network throughout the Middle East.

Optimize Network

Optimize Your Network

We all know that saving money is important, for example, on new ATMs or operating your existing fleet. With QWQ Cash Withdrawal it's very easy and the costs are minimal.

save money

Save Money

Simpler and cheaper – with QWQ Cash Withdrawal, you can not only offer your customers an enlarged network of ATMs but also offer cash withdrawals at a much lower rate.

QWQ For Banks

CliQ Participants

QWQ Network is regulated and overseen by the Central Bank of Jordan through our partnership with AYAPAY, We have successfully got integrated with CliQ in September 2022, and our unified virtual ATM service will be available to 18 banks and 8 Mobile wallets which are currently integrated with CliQ.



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