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  • What is QWQ ?
    QWQ app is the easier way to withdraw cash from shops and earn Rewards. It’s simple, smart, and secure.
  • How to withdraw cash?
    Through our intuitive and beautiful app , simply download the app from the app stores Start with a 1-time setup: signup with QWQ and create your account link you bank account or/and mobile wallet Go to the shop you want to withdraw cash from ask the cashier at the shop the amount you want Scan the QR code Accept Cash out request at you mobile banking app Collect your money from the shop
  • Banks through CliQ
    CliQ is an instant cross-banking transfer system in Jordan. CliQ services are available at most commercial banks in Jordan. If you do not have a CliQ account, follow the steps here to register and link your bank account:- 1- Log on to your banking application 2- Navigate to the CliQ page that can be found under the “Main Services” list or “Payments.” 3-Register your CliQ account
  • Mobile wallets
    CliQ is an instant cross-banking transfer system in Jordan. CliQ services are available at most commercial banks in Jordan. all mobile wallets account are already are using CliQ system.
  • Transaction is being Processed
    Once you scan the QR code from the cashier , you should do the following steps : Login to your banking account through you mobile application Go to CliQ Go to Pending Requests Choose QWQ Payment Request and press ‘Approve.
  • How do I verify my account?
    Verify your account to receive Rewards. There are 2 ways to do this: Verifying account during sign up Sign up with QWQ Enter name, email, and phone number Complete the OTP verification Verifying account after sign up On the side menu, go to profile Complete your profile Click verify account
  • How do I reset my password?
    If you’re unable to login to your account, click Reset Password on the Login Page. Enter the phone number linked to your QWQ account to receive a Reset Password Link.
  • Why am I required to verify my profile to continue using the QWQ App?
    QWQ Cash is regulated by the Central bank of Jordan (CBJ), we have to comply with the user identification process according to regulations. This process is also known as eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer). By knowing the identity of an App user, we can create a more secure ecosystem for everyone by mitigating the risks of fraud, identity theft, money laundering, and other illicit activities.
  • How to complete my profile verification?
    We use you data to verify your profile with QWQ, we authenticate the following information: Name Nationality Date of Birth Registered Address Your information will NOT be shared with any third parties for marketing, advertising or any commercial activities.
  • I have completed my profile verification. What is next?
    We will notify you of your successful profile verification on the QWQ App with the following message on the app: Congrats! You're a verified QWQ user.
  • My profile verification was unsuccessful. What do I need to do?
    Please try again. Common issue: Unsuccessful profile verification could be due to another profile being linked to the ID. If you have another QWQ profile registered under a different phone number but was verified using the same data and ID, it will be rejected. You are allowed to have only one QWQ profile, please contact our QWQ Customer Support team to confirm which duplicated profile that you would like to close. To contact our QWQ Customer Support team, please tap on ‘Contact Us' on the QWQ App.
  • What are Rewards?
    Users receive incentives for withdrawing cash with QWQ . A Reward could be in the form of free cash outs or Deals from shops like discounts.
  • How can I get Rewards?
    Earn Rewards every time you withdraw cash with QWQ Cash. You will receive a notification once you’ve unlocked a Reward. Access your Rewards anytime by clicking on the Rewards Page.
  • Do my Rewards expire?
    Yes, Rewards expire. The expiry date for each Reward is stated in the Notifications Center and the Rewards Page
  • I just cancelled my transaction. Would I still get my Rewards?
    Yes, unredeemed Rewards will reappear on the Rewards Page after you cancel a transaction. it my take up to 60 minutes if the transaction is still pending approval or rejection.
  • Why was my Reward blocked?
    If you’re unable to redeem your Reward, it may be frozen. Please check T&C Page to learn more.
  • What is a promo code?
    A promo code is our way of giving you Deals & Rewards. Find out more Coming soon.
  • How do I apply the promo code?
    Coming soon Go to Menu > Promo Code Insert the promo code and click Add Code Redeem Rewards with your next successful transaction Please check the Rewards Page to make sure your Rewards are credited.
  • Who can use the promo code?
    Coming soon There are 2 types of promo codes: signup promo codes and promotional promo codes. Signup promo codes are for first time users only. These codes are on our website, social media ads, and partner shops. They are valid for 7 days from the date that you register with QWQ. Promotional promo codes are shared via push notifications to selected users and only these users may redeem the Rewards. These codes have limited validity, which is stated within the push message. You can also check the expiry date of push messages on the Rewards Page .
  • What do I get if I refer a friend?
    You will receive free cashout after your friend completes their first successful transaction. T&C's apply.
  • How do I refer a friend?
    Click on Menu> Invite Friends Click Share or copy your unique referral code Share your referral code with friends
  • How do I apply a referral code from my friend?
    Download and install QWQ Cash app Click on link Have a referral code? on Signup Page and key in your friend’s referral code Complete signup *Referral is recognised by the system only when referee keys in his referrer's code at the time of signup. Signing up via referral link does not guarantee a Reward.
  • Why should I keep my app updated?
    We are always improving our app to serve you better. Access new features and more Rewards with the updated QWQ Cash app.
  • How do I update my app?
    Go to the Google Play or App Store Search for QWQ and click Update

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