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Need Cash?

Withdraw Money With Your Smartphone.

You don't need an ATM anymore! With QWQyou can easily withdraw money from shops!
QWQ Cash Withdrawals | Withdraw Cash With Your Smartphon
QWQ Cash Withdrawals About Us

About Us

QWQ enables every shop in the neighborhood to act as a "virtual ATM" using just a smartphone or its POS system. It democratizes the process of cash distribution to reduce the "cost of cash" and rescues people from ATM hunting.

QWQ is a location-based cash withdrawal app that connects those who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit cash — typically a local shop owner. It builds a community around local businesses and helps them generate physical leads.

Why QWQ?

More Digital

More Digital

We are on a digital age, and more customers want digital solutions everyday. QWQ Cash Withdrawal app offers banks and mobile wallet customers a future-oriented service.



Saving is not a habit for you? Don’t worry, with QWQ Cash Withdrawal it happens anyway. You will save time because you won’t have to go to a Bank or an ATM hunting.


Simpler, Cheaper

QWQ Cash Withdrawal App offers cash withdrawals at a lower rate than any traditional channels. You have saved time, and now you are saving money too!


Anytime & Anywhere

QWQ aim to have over 2000 partners/shops in Jordan. We will keep growing every day, and soon we will be on Middle East too.



With QWQ Cash Withdrawal App, your data is safe with our PCI DSS compliant payment processor or secured through your bank!

All In One

All In One

QWQ Cash Withdrawal is a unified cashout agent for all of your bank accounts and mobile wallets.

How QWQ Cash Withdrawal Works

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1 - Download

Download our Cash Withdrawal App from the App Store, Google Play Store, or App Gallery and register for free within minutes.

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2 - Connect

Easily connect your bank account or credit card in just a few steps.

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3 - Activate

Choose the amount and payment method. Then we will activate a QR code in the app for your transactions.

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4 - Withdraw

Visit a QWQ Partner Shop, scan the QR code, and receive your cash!

How QWQ Cash Withdrawal Work

QWQ cash has never been easier and more convenient!

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Find Shops Near You

Register now and enjoy access to over 2.000 partner shops near to you.

Our Partners & Supporters

Aya Pay Logo


Sublicense Partnership

The first mobile payment services provider in Jordan. AYA PAY connects various groups in the mobile money system and enables the transactions to take place.

Central Bank Of Jordan Logo


Regulation & Oversight

The Central Bank oversees and monitors both the CliQ transfer system and AYA PAY wallet, which means that payments are settled within a strict regulatory framework and monitoring

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We Are Here For Help!

Our team of professionals are always ready for you to answer your questions.

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